The Pilot project of Open4G started at CANAL CITY HAKATA (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City)from 02/01/2010.
Hundreds of Wi-Fi access point build wireless Internet network on the main area in this facilities.
Visitors can receive events and merchandise information free of charge by using their mobile phone or portable game machine with wireless communication function while they are shopping.
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12/11/2010Exhibit/Seminar: Open Source Conference (OSC) 2010 Fukuoka at Fukuoka Institute of Technology.
02/01/2010The Pilot project of Open4G beginning at Canal City Hakata from 02/01/2010 appeared in the evening edition of Nishinihon newspaper.
01/27/2010We started Open4G website.
10/21/2009Our demonstration of Digital Signage demonstration at CANAL CITY HAKATA appeard in Advertimes, page 8.
10/20/2009Our demonstration at CANAL CITY HAKATA appeard in the top page of Nishinihon newspaper.
10/20/2009Our demonstratio at CANAL CITY HAKATA appeard in Nihon Keizai newspaper, page 35.
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