Issues to realize Open4G

Realization of Open4G depends on reducing system deployment cost.

As everyone knows, WiFi access points can be cheaply purchased from volume sellers. However, when you deploy them to a public space, cost for the installation is much higher than price of the products. The cost includes not only cable constructions but also negotiations with building owners.

Considering those additional costs, total investment required to build the wide coverage WiFi is more expensive than that required to build a cellular system.

Wireless Backhaul

Cable constructions that connect internet and WiFi access points dominate cost to setup a wide coverage WiFi system. Wireless backhaul lessens cable constructions by connecting WiFi access points by invisible wireless lines.

With wireless backhaul, access points are wirelessly networked so that user traffic is conveyed over the network. In order to exchange traffic between internal access points and external internet, some gateway nodes are placed in wireless backhaul systems.

In order to ease negotiation with building owners for setting an Open4G system, small size, smart design as well as wireless backhaul capability are key requirements to access points.