Picture of the service

  • Someday, Taro is in a café and he turns on his laptop that has a built-in WiFi.
  • He looks for a free WiFi access point and finds one with the name of Open4G.
  • He tries to connect the Open4G access point. The connection is successfully made without entry of key.
  • He can access internet after accepting the terms and conditions that was shown at the first access to the web browser. It says that the online trial gives free access right to his laptop for 12 hours from now.
  • He is surprised because the connection remains if he moves. He also finds many Open4G access points in all parts of his city. He is interested in this free access WiFi system.
  • After a half of the day has passed, he again opens his laptop in another place. Taro again finds an Open4G access point in this place. The terms and conditions says that, if he pays $30 once, he can permanently use the Open4G network with the laptop. No extra charge and no monthly charge are necessary.
    He decides to join the Open4G.
* The story is just for explanation purpose only. We don't guarantee the charge plan in the story for actual Open4G services.
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