What is Open4G?

Open4G is a WiFi based mobile communication system with wide coverage.
Distinguished feature of Open4G is its coverage being much wider than that of existing public WiFi services. The feature is enabled by a novel wireless backhaul technology.
Our goal is to setup over 3 million access points with the wireless backhaul so that Japanese islands are entirely covered by WiFi umbrella.

Why is Open4G ?

What benefit will you receive through mobile communication?

What value will you gain through mobile communication?

Is the enter-to-network the most important for you?

We believe that it must be not. Variety of services that is provided over internet is the most important for you. Use of those services is the reason to access internet but not just to be online.

In Japan, users pay about $50 every month for services optimized for their handset. If you take benefits from data communication, you have to pay another $60, so $110 in total you have to pay monthly.

Such an expensive charge tightens your purse for pay services over mobile internet. Potential growth of services over mobile internet is prevented from having rapidly progressed due to the expensive charge.

Open4G breaks the restrained game by reducing online charge, and instead it makes users pay more to services provided in mobile internet.
Open4G supports growth of service market in mobile internet.

How we expand network under free online charge ?

In Open4G, configuration and maintenance of network is covered by charge offered to service providers. Service providers receive benefits by using networks, or say they will not be able to distribute their services to users if they have no right to connect network.

In today’s mobile internet, since service providers lack a sense of benefit receiver, they tend to insufficiently pay attention of offering excessive traffic, which sometimes causes network congestion.

Open4G introduces a new charge system in which service providers pay network charge being proportional to their traffic, by which the above inconvenience can be avoided. In Open4G, we radically consider how each user feels value through information exchange and proper destination of money as a compensation of the value, and eventually Open4G lets relationship among them be sound.

Open4G changes destination of users’ money from network operators to service providers. The change can increase money flow in service market. Service market over mobile internet is one of the most exciting and growing markets. Open4G is a supporter to push the growth by its new charge system.

Why WiFi ?

Because the standard has been penetrated all over the world.

No license is required to use the standard.

If a network adopts WiFi, the network can obtain over one billion potential customers.

WiFi is an only standard that has all the features above. There is no reason to refuse the use of WiFi.

Origin of the name of Open4G

Characteristics of Open4G in users’ point of view can be summarized as follows.

  • Free of charge
  • Free choice of terminal devices
  • Free of subscription procedure
The word “Open” is chosen as a symbol that represents all the three features above.

The word “4G” means the 4th generation mobile communication system.

The 1st generation was to realize wire-free telephone. The 2nd generation was to upgrade the system by digital technologies, and the 3rd generation was to pursue broadband. However, no consensus has been made on the 4th generation even with long term discussions for more than 10 years.

Some 4G proponents claim that super-broadband is 4G but we don’t subscribe this as the main objective for 4G. We believe that an objective of 4G should be apart from such a throughput game. Instead, “open” is more important. So, we have given the name to a next generation mobile communication system with the features explained so far, as Open4G.

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